How to Be the Host with the Most: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Running a Blog Challenge

The Daily Post

Last week we introduced a blog events listing page, and your event submissions have been rolling in. Some of you are toying with the idea of running an event or challenge on your blog, but aren’t sure how to organize it (or think your blog isn’t a big enough deal to warrant an event).

Events don’t require massive traffic or infrastructure — if you’ve got a few interested readers and are willing to put in a little time, you can run one that enriches all participants’ blogs. To help you figure out whether you want to try one and get you going, The Daily Post presents a step-by-step guide to organizing and running a blog event.

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We are too Monstrous

Question: Do you think the world one day will live as equals

Yes , although it may seem foolish that I believe such perfect future, I do believe it. And like every soulotion there’s a catch. Just like the stereotypical highschool there will always be cliques. Prep with Preps, Rebels with Rebels, and even the future criminals. All these united group with be together. And will have to try and keep away from the others or else there will be wars going on everywhere just like in present time. Although the whole world will not be in union this I believe is the closes we can achieve to all of us coming and being one. We , human beings, are just to much of monsters for more.